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flipped classroom

Lessons are arranged in selected and integrated teaching materials, in conformity with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and organised in ascending order of difficulty.
The course is inspired by the didactic principles of the Flipped Learning Methodology. For detailed information on this method it is possible to consult the wikipedia page.
The course is suitable for beginning students who prefer self-learning without losing the benefits of a professional guide that can help them to conduct correct conversations, correct mistakes and defects of pronunciation, clarify doubts, answer questions and suggest appropriate exercises.
The course is divided into 8 units and each unit is divided into 2-3 modules, for a total of 23 modules. Each module is divided into small numbered activities in progressive order.

Each complete lesson has three phases:

1. Preliminary phase: the student receives access credentials that allow him to enter a restricted area of my site, where he can find the educational materials.
These are videos, podcasts, readings and interactive exercises, arranged in progressive order, which will help the student to become familiar with the topics that will be discussed during the lesson with the teacher.
At this stage it is not important to understand everything. The most important things are following the directions and taking note of matters that are not clear.

2. Lesson with the teacher: through exercises in conversation, listening, reading, the student is stimulated to put into practice what has been learned during the preliminary phase.
In this way I can understand which are the points that require further work and in the same way answer the questions previously noted by the student and clarify his doubts.

3. Reinforcement phase: based on what emerges during the meeting, at the end of the lesson, the topics to be explored will be suggested and further exercises will be sent to reinforce the concepts learned.


Indice delle lezioni