If you have Italian family members or friends, or if you're simply interested in the Italian language, it's important to know how to address your aunt in Italian. Here's a quick guide on how to say "aunt" in Italian.

In Italian, the word for "aunt" is "zia". This is pronounced as "zee-ah". The word "aunt" is commonly used to refer to:

  1. the mother's sister
  2. the father's sister
  3. the wife of the mother's brother
  4. the wife of the father's brother.

The word "zia" comes from the Latin "sia", which was a contracted form of "soror", meaning "sister". Over the centuries, the word has evolved in various languages, including Italian, while retaining its original meaning of "mother's sister" and sometimes expanding to other relatives such as "father's sister" or "wife of the mother's brother" or "wife of the father's brother".